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Company Brain

It’s an ecosystem of artificial intelligence applications that creates 3D virtual assistants that emulate the experts of different business functional areas. This team of Ai interacts with each other, with internal staff and external customers accessing and sharing information, business intelligence, big data analysis, predictive analysis.

The goal is to create an effective, efficient, competitive, performing and winning company thanks to a collective and collaborative intelligence based on the combination of man-machine that exchanges and shares experiences.

Find out if you and your company are ready for Company Brain. How? Learn first what Company Brain is and then take the test to find out your starting point and a customized solution hypothesis of system adoption within your company.


Company Brain Builder

What is the ideal artificial intelligence solution / application that can bring concrete benefits to your company? What is the path to implement and realize a project? DISCOVER IT WITH OUR BUILDER

The following are highlighted the areas of in-depth analysis needed to evaluate the process of adoption of AI in their own company and the key figures. Through our builder, answering some questions, you will have the opportunity to receive a photograph of your company and suggestions on how and what you could achieve and to help the growth of your company through artificial intelligence tools.

Analysis and definition of objectives.

Evaluation of expected results, prototype of the idea, impacts on the current organization.

Selection and evaluation of existing data

Type and quality of data needed for AI training and system integrations.

Infrastructure and equipment

The existing hardware architecture or its modifications must be adapted.

Data validation or search for new sources

Verification, reliability, correlation, implementation, data for the established purposes.

Project model and customization

Construction of the heart of the solution according to previous choices.

Training and Test Results

Verification of expected performance with a critical and proactive approach.

Distribution and Integration

Realization of the internal connectors and the framework between the various software.

Continuous learning and confirmations

Monitoring, settling or revaluation initial assumptions to adapt to new scenarios.

Become an expert

Measure your level of knowledge about artificial intelligence and its applications, through our short test. At the end you will receive a score with the specification of the topics that need further study. If you wish, you can immediately access free content and lessons or possibly specific and dedicated workshops.

Learn by doing

Our approach is to work together with you.

We want to analyze step by step all the components of the project and on the basis of knowledge and shared methodologies start a process of transfer of skills and culture of adoption of AI within your company. Provide cues and tools so that it can be observed and evaluated as a destructive factor of growth and opportunity and not only as a strange entity often perceived as hostile.

Let’s build “your” solution together

Enhancement of resources and internal know-how as a patrimony for a higher quality of work and relationships. The goal is a solution that generates common benefits for your reality, your uniqueness.

Through our model it is possible, once you have identified your solution, define the set of skills that can support the solution itself. And often they are already internal. They then set up process models and methodologies that organize and integrate all the necessary skills or implement them for the purposes and objectives assumed. Finally, we identify the appropriate technological ecosystem that supports the operation and concreteness of the previous steps up to the final result and beyond.

How to achieve your goals

The results are just the final moment of an incredible journey

The realization of an artificial intelligence project in one’s own company reality has a soul. We like to think of it as a living being that grows, learns, nourishes, must be cared for, cared for and if it is not abandoned, it becomes increasingly good at looking after itself. It is able to give us great satisfaction today by learning from experience but, knowing how to predict the future, it can now provide interesting insights for where we will be tomorrow.

A team of amazing co-workers is still at your side every day

With the increase of the data to manage and the specific needs of the departments and users, virtual assistants are realized and inserted in the projects. Colleagues of artificial intelligence, experts of their functional area that interact with each other and with internal and external people. They facilitate the access and sharing of information and, of the overall work, take charge of repetitive tasks with little gratification and a high human effort, managing complex operations in a fast and precise way.

Free courses

Access the free courses available to you to learn more about the world of artificial intelligence and its applications.

Premium courses

Choose from the different specific and highly professional courses, the one that allows you to go deep into applications and technologies.

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